In the last article we learnt how to extend a Type with Update-TypeData today we will learn how to get the output to look just the way we want using Update-FormatData CMDLET Name : Update-FormatData What it does: This cmdlet lets you update the formatting data without restarting Windows PowerShell. When you run Get-Service without […]

Extending Win32_PhysicalMemory with Update-TypeData

CMDLET Name : Update-TypeData What it does: Let’s you add new properties, modify existing properties, add new methods, define a key property to sort databy, define exactly what properties you want to see when the cmdlet is typed without any select statements. Every object in PowerShell has a Type associated with it that defines the object. […]

WMIX – PowerShell WMI extensions Part 2

In Part –1 we learnt how to obtain and install the ‘WMIX’ module. In this part we will spend some time using some of the functions from the module.   Get-ComputerSystem PS C:\> Get-ComputerSystem     Domain              : WORKGROUP Manufacturer        : VMware, Inc. Model               : VMware Virtual Platform Name                : VM1 PrimaryOwnerName    : Kiran TotalPhysicalMemory […]

WMIX– PowerShell WMI Extensions

Today i will be looking at an useful PowerShell module called “WMIX” created by Kirk Munro of quest powergui fame.   Download  – WMIX:    https://wmix.codeplex.com/ What it Does: Enumerates all the WMI classes on the system where it is run and creates PowerShell advanced functions out of them complete with help and examples! Take […]